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The challenges of breast feeding

Updated: Nov 30, 2017

Breast feeding is natures ways of growing healthy babies, but is it easy? No. As a bottle fed baby myself there are health reasons some mothers can not or should not breast feed their babies. As a breastfeeding mom to my three children I personally found breastfeeding very challenging for me. It consumed all my time with my first child who was a bottomless pit and even when switched to formula consumed large amounts of milk, so much so that the pediatrician had me feeding him baby food much sooner than the nutrition experts recommended. I was shamed by grandparents and family who couldn't understand why my milk production wasn't enough and as a first time mom, that really hurt.

I loved breastfeeding and recommend to all my moms to at least try it for a few weeks. But the great thing about formulas today is they mimic it as close as scientifically possible, and if that is the route that works best for your family then go with it. I wouldn't want any mom, new or experienced to ever feel like she is less than for the choices she makes in breastfeeding or formula feeding. Challenges can be overcome either way.

Whether you choose to breast or bottle feed your baby just breath...and enjoy those moments of closeness. You may not realize it now but those moments go by much too fast. Enjoy your baby, hold him or her close, laundry and cleaning can wait a little longer.

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