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Naturopathic Health & Wellness Center
Specializing in Women's Health from Pre-pregnancy to Menapause

All About Us...

As a Board Certified Human Services Practitioner with multiple graduate level degrees and certifications, we specialize in women's health and wellness issues and offer services such as Naturopathic health services, lactation consulting, childbirth education, online classes and full spectrum doula services. With over thirty years of training and experience working with mothers, children and families from diverse cultural backgrounds we treat everyone as the unique person that they are. We particularly love working with new  and expecting mothers from all cultures and would love to have the opportunity to work with you! But that's not all we do. We work with older women and gentlemen too! Menopause is no joke and no one really tells us about the changes women go through mentally physically and emotionally in the peri-menopause and menopausal years. Just as our bodies change across the lifespan so do the nutrients and minerals our bodies need. 

The Why...

Walela was born in 2017 as a solution to a cultural issue so many women of color face in this day and age. My childbirth experience was traumatic and not something any new mother should ever experience. I was treated as a number, not as an individual. I had no support and no one told me that I had choices. Childbirth was one size fits all and we all know how impersonal that feels.

There were few resources in my area for education and fewer still of supportive services. Women felt unheard and misunderstood and it seemed no one was taking their questions seriously. Historical trauma for women and in particular Women of Color is a real thing. Its happened for generations and  when my own children started having babies it took on a whole new meaning for me. I did not want my daughters having the horrific experience I did, so I set about learning all that I could so that I could answer their questions, and then it became their friends questions, then the community. As my knowledge grew so did the need for services. Thus Walela Doulas was born.

Walela is Cherokee for "hummingbird" and what a fitting name it is. Women, like hummingbirds are beautiful creatures who though small can change the world, as they do every day when they give birth to the next generation. Hummingbirds can fly in any direction and can be a quick little vicious warrior when needed. 

Our office is located in the beautiful mountains of  Western North Carolina, but our reach is growing as due to Covid we have been having to rethink how we provide services. We are going virtual! Its a process and wont happen overnight but that's our direction. So anyone can schedule a session over Zoom, and have tele-health education in their living room! What an amazing time to be alive!



Childbirth Classes

We provide virtual and in person classes! Whether you want an overview or an indepth understanding of childbirth we tailor fit our classes to give you as much knowledge of the process as you like!

Lactation Consultant

I help you get started and answer all your questions, if there's an issue, we can problem solve it together!

Birth Doula

Baby 101 classes!! Prenatal visits, labor and delivery and post delivery visits, the choices are yours! 



“Ms Christy is phenomenal! I am so glad that she was there with me through labor, delivery and after I couldn't have done it without her!.”

Sarah Smith